Eden is a pure presence of love. She is a stand for you to show up in all of your wholeness. She offers a sacred space where you can open to knowing all parts of yourself. Through her masterful use of sound and movement, Eden supports you to dive deeply within to release your inner light. I have had the great honor of having Eden help co-create many circles for women who are choosing to journey into the Priestess path and she brings such grace, love and humility to the work. I am deeply grateful to Eden for all that she brings to me and to all the women who are blessed to be in her presence.
— Elayne Kalila Doughty, Founder of the Priestess Presence Temple
My experience of Eden as a sound movement integration facilitator has been extraordinary. She taught with me at Esalen Institute as well as at Santa Clara University. Her depth, wisdom, and clarity are unparalleled. Her compassion and welcoming heart, allow participants to be vulnerable and to feel held. Eden draws on her two decades of training and experience and is one of the most extraordinary facilitators I know in the arenas of embodiment, movement, sound. She creates a space that invites true and lasting transformation.
— Shauna L. Shapiro, Professor and Author, Santa Clara University
I am a corporate Executive, and the 13 Moon Mystery School was an incredible experience for me to bring the Priestess principles to my business world. I now have more confidence and permission to shine my true feminine self than ever before - creating customized job positions that reflect my true gifts, negotiating unlimited vacation time to honor the value of nurturing my mind/body/soul, introducing new compassion-based selling strategies to my teams, etc.
Eden was a tremendous influence in helping me achieve these blessings, which I think are a great example of the power of the Priestess on Purpose ordination. I am forever grateful and give my highest recommendation to work with her in this Priestessing capacity.
— Michelle M. Koert
It is very beautiful to witness how spirit moves through Eden’s music and voice. Through listening and moving to her songs, I am able to remove blocks from within and open my heart to be able to open up to feeling more love. Eden has a direct gift from spirit to help us awaken to our deepest desires to love and be loved. She also expresses the full range of love from soft and vulnerable to passionate and fierce. I feel very blessed to have her as a musical and spiritual guide on this journey of awakening.
— Malissa Lea
My Divine Mother initiation with Eden Amadora was deeply nourishing and deeply impactful. Eden embodies a rare and powerful unconditional love, which alone is transformative. I was brought to the root of my blocks around moving forward and receiving love, and she masterfully facilitated a healing in these areas. At the end I was held by her, as if in the arms of the divine mother and I could feel her love penetrating all the parts in me that had not been ready to receive. Afterward I felt a deeper connection to my self love, and saw immediate results in attracting resonant female mentors in my life, something I had been drastically blocked around prior. I feel everyone could benefit from this medicine. Thank you Eden for your love, your purity and your mastery.
— Naia Leigh, Creator of the Boundless modality
Right now, in the 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage, there are only six beings who have walked and completed this rigorous full ordination path to become a certified Focalizer of this work. Eden Amadora is one of them. From my lens, Eden is gifted in the Priest/ess specialty of Sacred Theater and all the Muse arts of dance, song, writing etc.  Her empathic, instinctual nature brings her to sharing what she is perceiving through body wisdom. She is the Temple Keeper for the Primal Goddess in the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. She also holds the sword of truth and is not afraid to bring to awareness, the ways in which beings are presently unconsciously limiting their expression and spiritual growth. 
I am in the waning Crone phase of my life, and as I pass the torch of this 13 Moon    lineage on to those few whom I feel can carry it with the Love, clarity, integrity, wisdom, devotion and coherence to the transmission that was moved through me, as my life’s work, I am honored to endorse my 13 Moon Temple sister, Eden Amadora and the work she offers in Her name. 
— Ariel Spilsbury, Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School
Eden Amadora embodies and transmits absolute unconditional love with extraordinary sensitivity and care. The Divine Mother radiates from her vast, resounding heart. She fiercely and compassionately challenges us to embrace ourselves totally while stripping away all masks that hide our own truest divine essence. Thank you Eden for being a bright and powerful Ally and Angel on my path.
— Matthew Mackay, Sacred Masculine Initiate
Praise for Eden as a guest speaker on The Beyond the Ordinary Show-

” I love all the guests, but without doubt one of my favorite guests is Eden Amadora. I think of her as love personified. About two months I was listening to one of her shows with you and I had a transformational experience...and moved into a state of bliss that has been continuing since then. I am not actively blissful everyday, but my whole set point has raised, so that even rougher days are still pretty amazing.”
— Allison in Nairobi a Humanitarian worker
I felt my truest, most divine, most pure Essence Self flowing through me, and holy shit, it felt amazing! In short, I feel I’ve left a different person. A more ME person. And I can’t wait to dive in with Eden for more.
— - Heather Allison, Women's Empowerment Coach