Sound Movement Integration

When a sick man went to a Native American medicine man for healing, the shaman asked him, "When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop seeing beauty?"

We are beings of song. We are beings of dance. We are the breath that moves within and the light that animates the flesh. We are spirit in form. It is our birthright to be fully expressed, passionately alive, creative, free beings. We have only forgotten... Everywhere we look, we see the loss of our natural state. This loss results in frustration, depression, isolation and illness.

I am dedicated to the awakening of our heart songs and the liberation of our dancing spirit.

Sound/ Movement integration is an indigeneous healing art form that has been lost within our modern society. We have the innate ability to restore health and balance within ourselves through the combination of sound, breath and movement.  Within this ancient, yet straightforward shamanic practice, I help guide you to find your own natural connection to your healing sound vibration and authentic movement.

Sound/movement integration allows us to release old stuck emotional energies and thought patterns while freeing up creative life force energy and new unlimited possibilities for conscious dreaming and creating.

Balance, wholeness, aliveness, inspiration, creative flow, passion, power, purpose and vision are all your birthright and the natural functions of a being who's integrated and truly healthy. 

It is my great joy to serve as a guide, witness and a sacred mirror in the art and practice of returning to this state of wellness and high functioning. Our voices, our breath, our bodies movement and the power of our creative visualization and prayer is the key back to true beauty, balance and freedom.

Sound/ Movement Integration sessions are in person one on one offerings that come in 1.5-2hr sessions.