"Sound is the most efficient tool to still the mind, calm the emotions and relax the body."

- Ariel Spilsbury

Sound healings are offered as one on one in person sessions that last 1.5-2 hrs. In these sessions we will begin with dropping in and deeply listening on a soul level to what is most needed. Depending on what is true for you at the time, the sessions can range from a very relaxing receptive experience where you need only rest and receive sound frequencies specifically for what is occurring in your current state to bring you back to balance and well being- to a more dynamic or active session where you are given sounding postures and guided to use your own voice as a sacred tool of reconnection to your vitality, empowerment and connection to your own heart knowing.

I work with my voice, crystal singing, hummingbird medicine, ancient solfeggio, tuning forks, Tibetan bells and bowls and crystal singing bowls as well as opening up to receive and give spirit song transmissions.


"Eden is a transmitter of holy sound. Her capacity to utilize her soul voice in service to healing another and the planet is a rare gift.  I have been honored on many occasions as a receiver of her vocal transmissions. She is vocal visionary in true form, a Priestess and an Initiator.  She meets you on the deepest level of soul, inviting you to stand as your fullest, most potentized expression."

- Juliana Muthu