Have you felt blocked in your authentic expression? Is your creative channel needing some unlocking and clearing? Have you felt a contraction around speaking your truth in different contexts of your life? Is the song of your heart not resonating through your voice and flowing out to be shared in a joyful, easeful offering of its unique beauty?

I am passionate about each and every one of us finding our authentic voices. This is not just for singers, public speakers or those who use their voices for a profession. My authentic voice coaching sessions are for everyone and anyone who is interested in finding their deepest connection to their authentic expression, unlocking their creativity and feeling the power and presence of their soul voice.

What ever remains in the way of your most resonant, true expression is where we begin to lovingly find and dissolve the barriers to allow the channel of your creativity and manifestation power to flow again. I assist you in a guided process to begin to feel new pathways of resonance and clarity, tapping into your potent flow of expression and freedom again. Your voice is your connection to your inner truth and is a powerful creative tool.

I offer Authentic voice coaching in person or via Skype as 1 hr. one on one sessions. 

"Imagine yourself in the most sumptuous temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine, waiting with heart open wide to be received by Her priestess, Eden Amadora, whose compassionate listening and unconditional love, naturally emanates through her gently embracing smile, empty presence and eyes. As she enters, you relax and breath out, knowing that she is a Keeper of the Keys of the Mystery of Sound and as such has been gifted with the voice of the Muse that offers wisdom oracles in song, poetry and sacred theater expressly for your healing, wholing...while potently holding a mirror of truth that offers the loving intention of bringing you more fully Awake to who you truly are as a Divine Being!"

-Ariel Spilsbury