What if you could heal your relationship with the men in your life by coming into balance with the masculine and feminine energy within your own being?

The transformational journey begins within you.

As we know, any true healing work must begin with the self. In the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage we work with 13 Divine Feminine archetypes to rapidly and powerfully bring us back into our true essence and authentic power.

Through this work we are not so much "healing" as integrating our light and shadow parts to return to balance and wholeness. In doing so, we pave the way in assisting others to do the same as lamp lifters and forerunners for the new human paradigm.

In my upcoming 13 week online course – Awakening the Sun Heart: Healing the Sacred Masculine Within (and our relationships with men) – we will be specifically focusing our archetypal work around integrating past wounds and illuminating the truth behind our perceptions about men as we come into a deeper sense of empowerment and balance within our own lives. From this new found center our views change radically. We enter into more sovereignty and begin to heal and transform our world through our more integrated presence.

As you awaken the sun in your heart, you are enacting an ancient marriage ritual with the Beloved within. Through this "Heiros Gamos" process, you will restore balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine essence within yourself so you can then restore balance and harmony in your interpersonal relationships. Within this 13 week program, you will have begun a powerful, alchemical, transformational journey.

For more information please contact me for the next Sun Heart Temple beginning in April 2019