I am the Goddess of Love  
I am Aphrodite
I am Venus rising fresh, wet and pink from the foaming sea
I am sweet, fragrant roses unfurling delicately
I am sensual pleasure, bliss and delight
I will throw your head back, crack your heart open
Make you laugh and cry
Come luxuriate and lavish your senses
Feel and receive
I am the unconditional abundant offering
And the invitation…welcome into me
I am the lady of petal and pearl
I am Lakshmi Beauty’s golden shining
I am the heart with wings
Eros’s kiss and Cupid’s bow
I am the Cornucopia overflowing
I am the swan that glides gracefully
And the dove that sweetly sings
I am the Vesica Picses
The intersection of love and freedom
I am intimacy
I am apple, fig and almond tree…
Eat of my fruit
Be nourished in me