I am the Goddess of Compassion  
I am Kuan Yin Tara
The Mother of Mercy
I ride the cosmic serpent
As I recognize and seed
The Divine mind On Earth
I am the intersection of the Above and Below
The Shri Yantra Makes spirit manifest in form through me
I am here to dissolve anything less than love
Judgment, resentment, anger, fear
Burn away in my icy hot fire
Of high frequency
I am crystalline sound waves
Discharging stuck thought forms
So you may open your heart again
And truly see I break the chains
With subtle precision
Wash your eyes clear again
With tears of mercy
Tears of forgiveness
I nourish this world with the milk of human kindness
I am the violet flame
I am the jewel in the center of the lotus flower
I am love, I am wisdom, I am power