I am the Creator Destroyer

I am Kali Ma I am the Dark Mother Fierce Mother

I am the Creator and the Destroyer of universes

I will not stand at the gates of liberation

And warmly open my arms to you

I will rip you through the keyhole

to make sure you leave all your attachments behind 

I don’t give a shit about your “look good”

I chop the heads of your illusions and 

Burn your masks one by one

I am the cold blood-curdling scream 

Of “Enough of this”!

As I lay waste to the pretender voices, 

Those demons that would keep you bound and small

I am red black and white

Blood of creation, Depth of the void

Birth of innocence anew

I am Vulture,

I clear what no longer serves

I am Eagle,

the most precise skillful huntress

I see clearly

I am the Crystal skull

I focus to create

I am white calla lilys

Frankinsense and Myrrh

I am your most benevolent ally In your freedom