Great Mother


I am the Great Mother

 Ancient Mother

The deep dark fertile void

From which all is born

I am unconditional love

Holding you gently ever present,

Wrapped around you even now….

And evermore

I am the full embrace

I am the caldron, the womb, the pregnant belly

Of all possibility

All reflections, all beauty, all wisdom

Born from me…

I am the deep burgundy red

Bloodline of all women

Who lean back into each other eternally

Daughter to mother, womb from womb

Rest back into me…

I am the DNA spiral staircase

Inward and down ward

Come plant your dream

Seed into my fertile ground

of manifest reality

I am the fierce protective love of the mother bear, tiger, sow…

I am turtle Mother Earth Gaia

I am the Fibonaci spiral

Embedded in the Divine Blueprint

of nature

I am the original Sound

A wave form vibration emanation

forming all creation

I am The vast Cosmic Sea

from which all has come

and to which all


to be born again

from me