Amadora - Dream Awake

Ceremonial Concerts are rich, multidimensional journeys with stunning visionary projections, an interactive prayer-formance- incorporating mudra, mantra, sing along and guided embodiment practices all anchored by the captivating original music and devotional songs of Amadora.

These interactive Prayer-formances hold the intention of raising the vibration of the planet and opening the portal of Heaven on Earth together through the gateway of our open hearts. Come join us for an exciting evening of music, magic, depth and beauty as we amplify our prayers and joyfully raise our voices and sing and dance together to activate and align with the powerful archetypal energy of the Goddess! 

“I was so moved, inspired and vibrationally altered by your gift of creative devotion to goddess! Your angelic voice put us all in an altered state of joyful consciousness that is still with me! Thank you love for living your dream with us.”  - Diana Thomas

“Oh, to be immersed with2 hours of soul stirring goddess infused music, sung by the one and only  Eden Amadora. I am blessed beyond belief, thank you Eden for opening the portals of heaven for us, expanding our hearts into more joy, love and bliss and for altering our consciousness; you are a precious gift to the planet. Since your concert 1 year ago, my life changed. I wrote my book, created a retreat and I have been on a pathway of immense creativity and JOY. I love you with all my heart.”  - Bridget Engel