Forgiveness is Freedom

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” - Plato

Violet Flame Invocation

Beloved Divine Light, I open to receive the complete healing of the cause, effect, record and memory of any part of myself  that I have not, until this moment, loved into wholeness. I blaze the violet fire through and around my etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies and through every cell, atom and organ, clearing all that may be out of alignment with Divine outpicturing.

Goddess of Compassion Priestess Practices

Here are some deepening questions to journal on and develop your relationship with this Archetype to increase your self compassion.


  • Can forgiveness and compassion even be talked about separately?  

  • What is your resistance to forgiving yourself?

  • What do you find the hardest to forgive yourself for?

  • In what ways do you still not demonstrate the same compassion for self that you have for others?

Take a moment to reflect upon the connection between recognizing and seeding (or manifesting)? How are these states connected?


  • What is the nature of judgement?

  • What do you still judge within yourself and others?

Reflect on this wisdom… What we judge is what we hide about ourselves, but what others most see and what we attract. Accept what you most judge about yourself and free yourself from projection.