Embodying the Heiros Gamos- Reunion of the Beloved Within

Ritual of Embodiment

Harmonizing and balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles within the heart temple.

We begin by offering ourselves in devotion to the Beloved within by yoking spirit in form through a simple yoga of union with our intention, movement and creative visualization.

Standing in a calm quiet area with enough room to comfortably raise and lower your arms, keeping your spine straight and slightly softening your knees, begin to feel your connection to the floor or Earth through the soles of your feet. Release your tail. Release your jaw.

Breathe deeply into your lower belly and release all remaining tension on the first few deep exhales with gentle audible sighs, letting the sound vibration relax your body, calm your emotions and begin to still and focus your mind.

As you ground and prepare the body temple through this simple breathing practice begin to set your intention and focus your prayer on embodying, meeting and communing with the Beloved within.

Now begin to reach down energetically towards the floor with your left hand and start a spiraling motion imagining drawing up a beautiful emerald green color frequency from the Earth below. Visualize the enlivening color flooding into the left side of your body, permeating all the cells and molecules.

Allow yourself to breathe in and drink in deeply from this feeling of communion with the Feminine, the Mother principal. Feel her magnetic unconditional love blessing your whole being, especially focusing on your left side of your body. Slowly imagine a glowing emerald green sphere in your left hand. Bring this radiant sphere to the center of your chest and visualize it melting into your heart.

Now with the right hand reach up diagonally to the above visualizing radiant golden rays showering in from the sun. Feel the light, the heat and the powerful presence of Solar logos, the language of light transmitting the clear rays of the Father principal to be directly received by your upturned palm. Feel the light entering you, blessing your being, touching every cell and molecule, especially filling up the right side of your body.

Visualize a brilliant golden sphere in your upturned, raised right palm. Slowing begin to draw this sphere down towards your solar plexus. Imagine this radiant ball of light melting into your diaphragm and slightly overlapping and merging with the emerald green sphere that you placed into your heart.

With your palms open, facing each other and activated, move them around the spheres as if you could feel and build the chi, or vital life-force energy in this area. Bring your attention to the intersection between the two, where the love of the mother and the pure light and power of the father merge. Now begin to blend these two spheres and color frequencies more fully together, using a gentle movement of your palms while visualizing a radiant green/gold sphere forming and growing even more luminous engulfing both your chest and solar plexus.

Bring the backs of your hands to lie flat against your chest, forming an almond shape opening by connecting your two forefingers and thumbs, with your pointer finger tips touching the heart center and your thumbs resting at your solar plexus.

Visualize this mudra , the shape you are creating) as a gateway. Intentionally tapping into a feeling of great joy and gratitude, breathe into this opening and rest as balanced female and male essence in your heart temple. Here you invoke the Divine Lover.

Call your inner Beloved to meet you in this space. Visualize them approaching you. Become aware of their form, how they move, their posture and appearance. Allow yourself to be curious and open, inviting them closer. Delight in this meeting and imprint their presence deeply into your heart.

Close the ritual of meeting by pressing your palms together in the mudra of namaste while feeling a great wave of joy and gratitude for the sweetness of this precious meeting.

Finish the ritual by journaling your vows (recommended at least 5 both ways) from your inner Sacred Masculine aspect to your inner Divine Feminine and from your inner Divine Feminine to your inner Sacred Masculine.


Eden Amadora