Your life is a Blessing


The gift of loving your shadow as you love your light....

Your life is a blessing.

Deep down inside we all want the same thing. We all desire the experience of being truly seen, the feeling of being received and met- unconditionally. We all desire the experience of unconditional love and compassion. We long for connection. 

And paradoxically, we all carry the ancestral myth in our psyche of the illusion of separation. This is our “sacred wound” and the true origin of the word “sin”-  which in latin means “without”- outside of or disconnected and in ancient Greek is a term which means to "miss the mark" in archery. 

And so the veil falls and covers over us at birth in this world of duality and the reenactment of the myth of the fall from Grace, the castigation from Heaven begins with our exit from our mother’s womb. This experience of disconnection is the origin of Shame- or unworthiness. This is the root belief that we are separate from each other and from the Divine, from Source itself. We are born into a kind of forgetting and sleep...maya....illusion.

This first abandonment and sense of being without- or outside of the safety, warmth and embrace of pure love, this first betrayal, the first wounding, the first contraction, the cold, harsh pain of physical existence and the experience of needing to survive in the manifest world as a seemingly singular, separate entity is like a shared trauma of all souls who take on human birth. How we heal or rather return to wholeness and remembrance of our true nature is our spiritual journey.

The memory of this first hurt, this soul abandonment, lives deeply within us all as fuel for our primary survival instinct and drive for experiencing love. We are then further shaped and imprinted by early childhood unconscious parental wounding to develop our individual ego vehicles and personalities. We all create a projection field from these experiences of what we believe love looks and feels like and then form our unique and complex strategies to desperately seek to “get it” from outside ourselves in the world and from others who are close to us- to recapture that feeling of goodness, wholeness and soulful connection that we came from- believing that, otherwise, we are outside, not belonging, “without” love... separate from it. 

We then grow up unconsciously and fiercely protecting the “little one” who lives on deep inside our psyches feeling somehow deeply ashamed, not enough or too much, unloveable and disconnected- by masking and strategizing to avoid feeling the reenactment of our early pain of separation and loss at all costs. All acts of ignorance, violence, reactivity and harm come from this core wounding. Hurt people hurt people- and the animals and the planet.

Humanity has been stuck in a struggle loop unconsciously creating suffering throughout countless births and deaths under this spell, this illusion of separation, moving from fear to materialism, to lust, to greed to power struggle. Wars, violence, mass animal abuse and extinction, governmental and social improprieties, institutional and worldwide dilemmas, horrible pollution, all reflections of disharmony, suffering, disease and needless destruction are but symptoms of the illusion of separation and the still sleeping collective heart of humanity.

So how do we “wake up” from this darkness and violence and insanity? 

We become causal. 

You can not change the out picturing of reality by continuing to point at the seeming “causes” of suffering outside of the self. You can not “wake up” another. It is an inside job- and not for the faint of heart. You must, as Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Otherwise, you are adding to the suffering and drama.

We can not spiritually awaken or mature until we love our shadow as we love our light, until we accept our own darkness and embrace it into wholeness, until we feel the connection to the greatest crime, greatest violence, greatest disgust and breathe into it as our own, dissolving the last remnants of arrogance, judgment and separation in our heart. This is the beginning of true compassion. Your heart is a portal, a gateway and an alchemical cauldron. Your willingness to deeply feel the most painful and terrible realities fully, not turning away or projecting in blame or shame, but owning them as the darkness and separation of your own sacred wound is the key to planetary transformation. 

I recently learned that the word for injury or wound in French is : Blessure. 

Hmmmmmm..... Blessure- Blessing...? Could our sacred wound be our greatest blessing?

Imagine for a moment that the whole world is a mirror like hologram and the only way to impact the whole is from the inside out, that there is only one of us here and you are that. You are that powerful and that responsible. As above, so below, as within, so without. 

It is easier to stand at a distance and point outside of the self in judgment, to name and amplify the “problems” in the “hall of mirrors” of our relational reflections radiating out to the cultural systems and collective consciousness as a whole by focusing on them. To go to the causal point within- the core of our own fear, anger and sorrow takes great courage. To stay with the discomfort and terror of annihilation by the intensity of the emotional energy that has been passed on generationally, to choose to be that hero that goes on the transmutational journey to find the alchemical gold within is rare. 

The greatest work you could take on in this lifetime is to integrate and transmute your own sacred wound, to stay with and feel your own pain until you go all the way in and through the “shadow realms” to return to the light of your own self-awareness and then cease to create suffering outside yourself in reactivity, to come to peace within, to clean up the “pollution” within and to truly be with yourself in compassion. To love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself fully, unconditionally, just as you are, is an act of great service to the whole of humanity. It is to return to wholeness and presence and to become a light unto the world. To be a blessing.

Some consider this Earth experience a learning ground- of the soul- a place we come to be tested- perhaps to exercise our “free will” and to choose love- choose to move towards God and towards the Divinity within ourselves so that we may begin to truly see one another as Beloveds. These reflections outside of ourselves that trigger our upset, especially those that feel “unforgivable” are the perfect opportunities or tests for us to go even deeper into the heart of our own darkness. They are the grist for the mill that help us evolve into more loving, kind, forgiving, compassionate beings. 

How do we return to Eden and rewrite the story of the “punishment” and castigation? Awaken and know yourself as Beloved. Return to love. Forgive.

Choose love. See love. Be love.

Imagine for a moment the we are on a “soul’s journey” through eternity and we have come to a great turning in the grueling karmic wheel of repetitive cause and effect and the incessant suffering we once believed we needed to learn and to grow. We are at a blessed moment of opportunity and challenge, where the veils are thin and we can see beyond... We are being asked at this time to take a quantum leap within and through our unconscious patterns- through the Grace that awakens within to return to our Divine connection... So that we may become the ones , the light bearers, that can offer that unconditional love and compassionate embrace this world so desperately needs.

The time is now. This is the great turning. This is the dawning. The age of the Heart has begun. Take the path of the heart on fire. Become a second sun. Burn brightly love. 


The medicine is within

So we keep on praying, til it becomes a sweet song of giving thanks... Keep seeing clearer and nearer to the heart... Lion hearted... Dreaming awake. 

So much beauty everywhere...

Blessings brother sister 

soul star

Shining brighter for all to see 

who they truly are

In your mirror

Blessed be

This true love reflection 

Sets us free


The medicine is with in


We lift the veil

And see clearly

There is no sin


Sin: with out


Now we know 

Holy whole-y


We are that

With in.