Private Guidance Sessions

Archetypal Guidance sessions with Eden Amadora are a potent catalyst for accelerated spiritual growth held in a safe and compassionate container.

The archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine (for men) are rich and radiant energetic invitations to live into the greater mythology of our lives.

During Archetypal Guidance sessions there is a recovery of vitality, a restoration of self-worth, new openings of creative imagination, a deep soul remembrance and feelings of purpose and passion that are reactivated from a more deeply connected position in consciousness, one that comes from touching into the wisdom and felt experience of the powerful and varied archetypal energy the session provides.


Each session includes a unique personal guided meditation- inner journey and embodiment and sound practices to help you open up to the deeper voice of your soul and to feel and hear what is most real for you in the moment.

Eden supports you through a process guided by deep listening and Divination- that allows you to work with the wisdom of one or more of the many archetypes of the Divine Feminine depending on what frequency is present in your session and the specific initiation for soul growth and transformation that is required in the moment.


Eden is also passionate about serving men to connect to their sacred masculine archetypal essence to come into more balance and integrated power and full presence. She works with 5 primary masculine archetypes during her sessions with men as well as holding them within the loving embrace of the Divine Feminine to help catalyze healing within their inner feminine essence as well.


Archetypal Guidance sessions are 1 hrs and are available via Zoom. They will be recorded and sent to you to review and utilize as a valuable tool on your path of awakening.

To schedule your sessions click on the link below.