Archetypal Guidance is an offering to help you to embody your own heart wisdom and to awaken to your soul's essence and greater mythology.

We have been deprived of rich feminine images and stories that comprise what real feminine wisdom, presence and power can be. The unconscious imprinting and cultural stories that we have been conditioned with throughout our lives as women have created distortion, limitation, disconnection and so much pain.

The archetypes of the Divine Feminine are rich and radiant energetic invitations to live into the greater mythology of our lives.

Women who are disconnected from the rich mythological, larger stories of the Divine feminine suffer deeply in a society that does not provide reflection or support of their Sovereignty, empowerment, true femininity and value.

During Archetypal Guidance sessions there is a recovery of vitality, a restoration of self-worth, new openings of creative imagination, a deep soul remembrance and feeling of purpose and passion that is reactivated from a more deeply connected position in consciousness, one that comes from touching into a felt experience of Divinity and the powerful and varied archetypal energy it provides.

Each session is an opportunity to drop in below the ego mind level, to our belly wisdom and heart knowing and includes a personal guided meditation to help you open up to the deeper voice of your soul and to hear what is most real for you in the moment. 

I support you through a process guided by deep listening and Divination- that allows us to work with the wisdom of one or more of the many archetypes of the Divine Feminine depending on what is most true for you and what initiation is required in the moment. 

These faces of the sacred feminine are allies and guides, just as they are rich and multifaceted portals of activation. It is through activating different gifts and aspects of the Goddess as she lives through us and by bringing her light and shadow qualities into balance in our lives, that we move from the unconscious belief systems and small stories that bind us- to our larger "mythic story" of wholeness and freedom in which we take our place as an awakened queen, a priestess, a paradigm shifting leader and stand for Self-love and wholeness for ourselves and all beings.

Archetypal Guidance sessions are 1.5hrs and are available via Skype or in person.