My Journey with the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

Archetype: A symbol, often referred to as a “primordial image” that is the basis for the symbolic meaning of myth. These symbols are universal in that they appear in myths in all ages and cultures, manifesting themselves in differing ways according to the specific culture where they originated. Archetypes are infinite, and a single example may have hundreds of different examples. 

Several years ago I was introduced to the deep and transformational work of the 13 moon mystery school where I became intimate with many archetypes of the Divine Feminine. I had had a deep longing for a personal connection with the Divine, but until that time, had only experienced a fleeting intellectual and conceptual feeling around what God is. I've always considered myself a "spiritual person" and had felt my relationship with Spirit, Source and what I would refer to as "creation dream" most strongly through dance, song and nature. I had also established an intimate connection with my higher self and innate wisdom and creativity through spontaneous writing. Even though I had experienced many mysterious, synchronistic and miraculous events throughout my life,  I had never felt a deeply embodied connection to the Divine nor had a relationship with a greater archetypal presence that was consistent and intimate.

Through ritual, ceremony, mediation, creative visualization and prayer I have come to deeply know and adore the feminine aspect of the Divine and to invite the Goddess into my daily life as I open my heart and my life up to the service of the Mother aspect of God. This relationship continues to deepen me and expand my heart as it also challenges me to remove the obstacles in the way of being an empty vessel of unconditional love and presence. The name Amadora came to me in an epic archetypal dream during my first 13 month priestess ordination process- and I have come to know her as an aspect of the Divine Mother. The name Amadora means "Adoration of the Divine Mother".


 The following offerings of images and poems are to facilitate a journey deeper within the inspiration of several of the archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.

All poems written by Eden

All Archetypal imagery co-created with Visionary artist: Jesse Noemind

Image of the Priestess and Lady of Communion shot with photographer Kristin Gerbert