13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circles

13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circles are initiatory gateways where we explore and embody different archetypes of the Divine Feminine. These circles are one daylong gathering each month in a potent ritual space where we co-create a coherent alchemical container to witness and support each other in sacred space. In addition we have an evening "half moon" sharing circle for support midway through the month. I provide additional phone support during the course of the entire Initiation process and one on one archetypal coaching, which is recommended. We commit to journey together for 13 months. This transformational life experience provides initiates a journey back into the center of their own hearts and a profound connection with the sacred feminine. This embodied knowing will continue to unfold and be a gift in a myriad of ways for the rest of their lives. Some of these gifts include:

  • The ability to step into your authentic self and the larger mythic story that wishes to be expressed in your life.
  • A deeper and lasting feeling of connection to others and the Divine.
  • A return to wholeness and resting in your true beauty.
  • An embodied knowing of compassion and forgiveness.
  • A growing sense of inner peace, clarity and an experience of more presence in your life.
  • A more focused and abundant creative energy flow.
  • The ability to transmute old small stories and unconscious patterns through more awareness and self-love.
  • A reclaiming of femininity and the power of trust and receptivity.
  • Celebrating your wild, uninhibited, passionate, free spirit.
  • The ability to take action and manifest your visions in alignment with ease and grace.
  • Deep alchemical wisdom, inner knowing and soul growth.


"Eden has been instrumental in my transformation in our sacred 13 moon circle.  Her ability to dance between fierce grace and radical mirroring of what is true allows shadow parts to be seen and transmuted into love.  Her ability to hold a safe container for anything to be expressed allows for a deep relaxation of my nervous system and a freedom to say and reveal some of the darkest places.   She also holds a very pristine energetic space and is able to be present with both her own personal challenges while offering deep listening to others.  At a time when human evolution is accelerating and our planet is hungry for deep connection and love... Eden offers a unique opportunity to drop our masks, our fears, our limitations and step fully into the conscious, loving beings we are."


-Sonya Stewart


"Eden Amadora is a true Initiatrix and an embodiment of the Divine feminine. As a co-facilitator, during my Priestess on Purpose ordination with the 13 Moon Mystery School, she brought such a gift in her ability to be a clear, loving mirror. She helped me to see my own qualities, shadows, life struggles, and opportunities in a compassionate way.  This is one of the key reasons why her feminine leadership made such an impact on my own personal journey, and still does. There was no hiding out, and there is no hiding out.  Her presence has really helped me get underneath the many layers of masks that I have worn over the years to see what is real, and what is the truth."

-Michelle Kort 


This alchemical journey through the 13 moon archetypes is inspired by the work of Ariel Spilsbury and her book: The 13 Moon Oracle


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